Moses grew up in the palace and lived the carefree life of a noble prince, never lacking anything. But he knew he was a Jew, and as he grew older, he became increasingly disturbed by the Egyptians treated his brothers and sisters.

One day he saw the Hebrews carrying huge stones on their backs. Behind them went an Egyptian slave driver with a whip. One of the Jews fell and could not get up.

- "Up, up, you lazy Hebrew!" shouted the Egyptian and began to beat the worker lying on the ground.

- 'Stop!' shouted Moses, 'don't you see how weak he is? He cannot move!

But the Egyptian continued to beat the Hebrew. Moses became very angry and struck the slave driver with a great blow, so hard that he collapsed dead. He was frightened and hid the body, but the next day when he intervened in a quarrel between two Hebrews, they told him:

- Who are you to tell us what to do? You killed an Egyptian. Will you kill us now?

When Moses heard this, he understood that his secret was out and that he must hide from Pharaoh's vengeance.

- "I must flee Egypt and hide in the desert," he thought, "or Pharaoh will order his soldiers to kill me".